What we do is solve your handling problems!

WHC Ltd is led by Stephen Weston, a renowned inventor and innovator, whose inventiveness was 'discovered' and featured by The Discovery Channel in 2011!

In 2013, the WHC Ltd, teamed up with a trusted group of engineering companies and designers to skillfully produce effective Handling solutions from his unique ideas.

Now, the WHC Ltd concentrates on providing a first class supply and consultancy service for those companies who are serious about looking to improve the safe handling of reels, rolls or materials in their factories. In tune with this, Stephen Weston has put together a unique range of specialist materials handling equipment that helps eliminate materials handling problems in many common applications.

What we do is solve your handling problems!

What we do is solve your problems by offering you a standard solution to your problem, first. 

Where your problem is more complex, or complicated; requires 'downshop' integration, or multi-site compliance; etc., we offer you our consultancy service, to help you get it right!

The WHC Ltd gives YOU......

  • An expert analysis of your handling problem
  • An independent report on your handling needs, offering solutions suited to your budget and requirements. 
  • A wide range of materials handling trucks, trolleys and manipulators, from 100Kg to 10T.
  • Interim management and Project Management.
  • Personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics

Overview of our services

  • Give you an independent assessment of your needs
  • Study and develop practical Handling solutions
  • Sell innovative and practical Reel Handling equipment
  • Sell a very wide range of Pedestrian operated Handling Trucks
  • Sell you what you need, not just what we sell!
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