Request to be an  ACKBelt®/ACKPad® Distributor

If you sell equipment and accessories for forklift or pedestrian trucks, please register below to become an authorized ACKBelt®/ACKPad® distributor.

Reasons to become an ACKBelt®/ACKPad® distributor

1.  An aftermarket sale for all electric powered pedestrian trucks, new and used, that Improves Safety and Reduces Damage by around 800%!
2.  We can drop-ship in bulk to save you time and money.
3.  Your customers will appreciate being shown a useful new tool to reduce their cost of injuries to personnel and damages to racks, pallets, products and equipment.
4.  Priced right.  Excellent value for your customers that will easily pay for itself through reduced damage costs and increased driver prductivity.
5.  Your sales people can use ACKBelt® demos to get appointments and open doors to potential new lift truck customers.
6.  Your sales people become more valuable by showing your customers an innovative new product that they had not seen before.
7.  Your rental customers will gladly pay a small extra fee for an ACKBelt® to help their drivers work easier and faster with fewer mistakes.
8.  The ACKBelt® will link into other Truck Monitoring Systems or can be supplied with its own Truck Monitoring System.
9.  CUSTOMIZABLE to suit almost ANY Electric Powered Truck.
10. No maintenance required: just:   "FIT & FORGET!"
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